Modular-Muse is a place to  push the status quo for making music with technology. Explore new ways of controlling sound by making new digital musical instruments – and create new sounds with musical robotics.


The Modular-Muse Motor Driver boards make it easy to create and control musical robots with MIDI. For information on making your own, click here.

The Sound Clippys Platform is a hardware and software toolkit for music.  It is based on the Arduino microcontroller and Pure Data (Pd) audio programming environment.

an instrument created with Modular-Muse

The software library for Pd makes  it easy to get started with sound design.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.22.44 PM
Modular-Muse software library objects


The Sound Clippys Board is for creating interfaces to control sound to build your own digital music instrument.

Sound Clippys hardware board

Contact me for more info about these projects

Download the modular-muse Pd library at github.

SolidNoise : A performance with/by musical robots:

Modular-Muse was recently used in a five day camp called Sound Hackers. Here are some example projects from that camp:

This project created by Jiffer Harriman is housed at the BTU Lab, ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado.

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