Digital Inputs

To create digital inputs for the Sound Clippy board we need to create an electrical switch which can be turned “on” and “off”. In this case, “on” means connected to GND and “off” means disconnected from GND.

Alligator clip switch

Open up simple-synth.pd from the modular-muse/examples/sound-clippys folder and connect to the board. (TODO: how to connect)

– Clip an alligator clip to one of the GND ¬†ports (they’re all the same).

– Touch the other end of the alligator clip to one of the digital pins


When you touch the alligator clip to the digital pin you’re making an electrical connection between the input pin and ground which the board can detect. This is sent to the corresponding [mm-digital] object.

The next step is to use the alligator clips to build switches by connecting to other conductive materials which can be physically connected. materials such as

– wire

–¬†copper tape

– aluminum foil

– conductive paint/ink

– etc.


Make a Paper Piano

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