Sound Clippys Board

The Sound Clippys Board is an Arduino compatible board with alligator clip ports for quick connecting and building of digital music instruments.

With the modular-muse Arduino code the board is ready to talk to Pd via the Modular-Muse library to trigger and control audio.

Interfaces for the Sound Clippys board are built using alligator clips to connect to simple circuits or by plugging in sensors.


The Sound Clippys board has two different kinds of inputs, digital and analog.

Sound Clippys board detail – Digital pins on top, Analog pins on the bottom for variable resistors and other analog sensors

The 12 digital inputs are are lined up along one edge of the Sound Clippys board, staggered a bit to look like a piano.

Using Digital Inputs

The 8 analog inputs are on the other side. There are two types of analog inputs – one is for 3 pin analog sensors, the other works with variable resistors.

Using Analog Inputs


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