Automated Musical Instruments

If you’re interested in more details or source files for any of these designs, please get in touch.

A collection of instrument designs for building automated musical instruments.

Striker : 12V solenoid used with a lever mechanism to create a striking motion. Mounted to a board next to some xylophone bars
Chimes : vibration motor on a disc that rattles 5 glockenspiel bars
Glockenspiel with 26 automated MIDI controlled notes
Handheld Striker : 12V solenoid used in a lever mechanism to create a striking drumstick. The handle allows it to be manually moved around.
Tapper : small 5V solenoid mounted in laser cut case to hold it up. Holes on the edge allow mounting via screws or zip ties.
Tapper : mounted to a rigging bar in the ATLAS Black Box Theater. 16 were used across the 40″x40″ space allowing spatialization control.
Blowers: Compressed air controlled with air valve solenoids to blow on tuned bottles
Strikers : everyday objects make up this drum kit
Shakers : vibration motors shake sheet metal to create a thunder effect

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