Modular-Muse Motor Driver Boards

Modular-Muse Motor driver boards make it easy to drive a number of DC motors such as solenoids, vibration motors and hobby motors or other high voltage sources.


You can order PCBs and components with the links below. If you want to drive the boards with MIDI take a look at this post and the associated Teensy code.



Four Channel MOSFET driver





The four channel n-channel MOSFET driver board can drive 4 DC motors or solenoids. Simply connect the ground to a microcontroller and the pins 0-3 to a digital output (PWM is optional to control power).

Order 4 channel MMMD PCB (via OSH Park)

Order 4 channel MMMD Components (via Sparkfun)

Download Eagle source

Five Channel MOSFET Driver and Teensy LC Shield


This version is made to align with one side of the Teensy LC so no breadboards or jumper wires are needed. Simply solder the Teensy LC to the board and you have a 5 channel motor driver ready to go on 5 PWM pins.

MIDI motor driver
MIDI motor driver

Order  5 channel Motor Driver Teensy LC shield (via OSH Park)

Order  5 channel Motor Driver Components (via Sparkfun)

Download Teensy LC Firmware

Download Eagle source

Sixteen Channel MOSFET Driver Board

Three 16 channel boards chained for 48 motor outputs controlled via MIDI

This one uses p-channel MOSFETs to accompany the TLC5940 PWM expander chip. It can drive 16 high power outputs and can be chained to expand to drive many, many more outputs. I’ve only tested up to 4 boards for a total of 64 motors.

Order chainable 16 channel Modular-Muse Motor Driver Board (from Osh Park)

Order 16 channel MMMD Components (from Sparkfun)

  • note: the DIP version of the TLC5940 is no longer carried by Sparkfun. Look elsewhere, such as DigiKey, ebay, ask for a sample from TI

Download Eagle source



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