Installing the modular-muse Pd library

The modular-muse library for Pure Data (Pd) makes it easier and faster to program a wide variety of sound interactions from effects processors to electronic instruments. All the modular-muse objects are built out of existing Pd-extended objects. Installation consists of adding the folder containing the library to your Pd-extended path. This guide will explain in detail how to install the modular-muse library for Pd.

Install Pd


First of all, you’ll Pd-extended. Note, modular-muse does not work with the “vanilla” Pd installation as it relies on several extensions available only in the extended version.  Pd is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Download and install instructions for Pd-extended are here.

Download modular-muse OK, now that you have Pd-extended you’ll want to download the modular-muse library from github here. modular-muse installation Extract the zip file somewhere you’ll remember, I like to create a Pd folder and inside that a libraries folder. When you extract the zip file it will create a folder called: modular-muse-master/ Now you just need to add the new modular-muse-master folder to the “path” Pd-extended.  This allows it to see all the patches in this folder.

Add modular-muse to the Pd-extended path

Launch Pd-extended and open up the Preferences, depending on your platform this will be under the main Pd-extended menu (Mac) or the Edit menu. Click “New” to add a new path. Browse to the folder modular-muse-master/ you just created and click “choose”.


Close and re-open Pd. Thats it, you’re ready to use the modular-muse library.

Create a new patch in Pd (File > New)

Add a new object (Put > Object)

Enter “mm” and click outside the object you should see the modular-muse  object:


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