Musical Robotics Workshop

This site has files for the ATLAS Musical Robotics Workshop 2/11/2016!


Download Pd examples

Go to MIDI settings and select the Teensy as your MIDI output (make sure its plugged in)

basic.pd – this is a good place to start. You can test your setup here. Just click on the buttons in the patch (make sure Edit mode is off). You can also use the keyboard with the keys, space, f, j, d, and k

basic-random-vel.pd – this one will randomly calculate a new velocity every time a solenoid is triggered.

algorithmic.pd – this one will generate beats algorithmically based on the position of the slider (controls likelihood).


Download Teensy / Arduino code:

Automatic Off (default) – good for solenoids, not for vibration or DC motors you want to leave on.

MIDI note On / Off  – This one will respond to note on messages and will stay on until a note off message is received (velocity = 0).

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